Wibke grubert

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful course on Sunday at our place in Winkel.

I am truly soooo grateful for you! You help and support us incredibly lovingly, competently, and with your way, you enable us to move mountains.

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We are growing beyond ourselves, and you give me so much courage. I thank you for that!
Thanks to you, the Trakehner mare, with me as a riding partner, is so incredibly lovingly nurtured, challenged but never overwhelmed. We are guided on the right path and have a great time doing it!
And even on days when things don't go so well, I have found confidence again through you. Chin up and let's keep going! And soon things will get better again.


Tamara Winterling

Dear Marcella

Small feedback: It's stormy, raining, clattering, and noisy, but this week I'm falling in love with Lucero more and more each day. I don't know why, but he's currently managing to concentrate in such a way that he's very tolerant of the outside world for his standards.

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I am simply thrilled by what you have accomplished with us in just 3 online sessions!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have changed my thinking and even my posture, and I would say Lucero really likes it. At least he continues to be focused during our work, willingly moving forward (I don't have to constantly ask him to trot or to maintain the trot), and in the videos, he looks much more lively without being naughty. I am currently enjoying working with him so much, and I think you can see a differnece in his back

rieke, fino, ulrike und anne

Hello dear Marcella,

due to numerous herpes outbreaks and the Corona pandemic, we were in search of a riding instructor two years ago. We knew you from two live courses before Corona and were already very impressed with your teaching back then. So the idea of online training was born, as unfortunately, there are 500 km between us. Since you offer online lessons anyway, we have been having online training once a week since then. And if someone now thinks: Online training, that can't work, the instructor can't see anything. Well, Marcella can, and how! Whether it's a riding session, classical groundwork, lungeing lessons, or a combination of those, everything is possible online.

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Over the past 2 years, under your patient and calm guidance, we have worked from difficulties with contact to the first half steps. You always approach each of our horses and their and our particularities very individually and sensitively. So, week by week, we all grow beyond ourselves
Dear Marcella, we are so grateful that you have embarked on the adventure of online training with us and always have an open ear for us, rejoicing in our progress or cheering us up when we weren't feeling well. We look forward to the next years.

Riding Simulator Studio

Simone Ertel

The best seat training I've ever participated in - I could definitely take that away from the 'communicative seat' course day.
The seat training took place - not as usual at the stable - but in a riding simulator studio, with an absolutely pleasant and homely atmosphere. Training is conducted using a flexible chair and the riding simulator horse 'Pluto'

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With 'conventional' seat training sessions (e.g., with gymnastics exercises or balls), I often had the problem that I ended up sitting even more tense because I was so focused on wanting to sit better.
Since you're not sitting on a live horse on 'Pluto,' you don't feel the pressure or fear of sitting uncomfortably on the horse's back, allowing you to relax and let go much more easily. However, all gaits can be simulated on Pluto through movement and swinging (which is truly a very impressive experience because you are responsible for Pluto's movement)
I especially took away the importance of allowing movement consciously and releasing tension. Another insight was that breathing can greatly improve the seat. It was a great seat training session - there will definitely be a continuation.

tamara winterling

I've just completed two days of riding simulator sessions with Marcella Becker.
I was very curious about what to expect and pleasantly surprised by how accurately Joker’s Pluto, set up by Marcella Becker, mirrors my seat. Under her guidance, I could feel the dressage seat more precisely, navigate it more effectively, and thus improve my movement patterns."

I'm looking forward to taking this feeling onto the horse and to further joint training sessions.

wibke grubert

Your course at the riding simulator studio has brought incredible value. I now feel much better how to sit correctly and can adapt even more sensitively to the horse. I ponder over every word you say. And it always helps.
In this spirit: open your hearts!
A thousand thanks, Marcella, for everything!! I'm already looking forward to next time. 

barbara schneewind

Dear Marcella,

The riding lessons on Pluto: It was truly impressive for me to see how one's own body awareness develops when one focuses entirely on their seat and sensitively reflects on their own sensations! Your competence and your friendly, patient demeanor made every lesson a special experience! Thank you for that!

Ute Muntz

Hello Marcella,

I wanted to give you some brief feedback about our course on 13.02.2024.

It was positively received by everyone, and now everyone is trying to implement what they've learned on the horse. People are riding much more consciously, which is really interesting. Some horses have already noticed that the rider is using their seat differently

We'll keep at it and practice.

tanja pohlmann

What an interesting experience on this riding simulator, Pluto. Many thanks, Marcella Becker, it's a gift in terms of seat, influence, ease, and stability.

Since Pluto only becomes active through my own activity, the possibilities for self-awareness were very extensive.

I wouldn't want to miss this experience and will definitely come back again. Because the results can be observed very well at home on my own horse. The changes are enormous.

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Many thanks also to Stefanie Diez for raising awareness of everyday movements that can sometimes be executed even more optimally and with less tension. Walking can be so much easier. ;)