Online lessons

I offer two ways of online coaching

Online lessons live

In online live lessons, we essentially conduct a regular riding lesson, with the only difference being that we are connected via camera and headset.

If you have any questions about the process or functionality, feel free to contact me. I already have some students in online lessons and I'd be happy to advise you!

You definitely need:
  • Kamera/Handy
  • Stativ/filmende Person
  • Kopfhörer mit Mikrofon
  • stabile Internetverbindung

Video Analysis

You independently record a riding session and then send me the video afterward.
In einem anschließenden Online-Treffen, schauen wir uns das Video gemeinsam an, analysieren es und ich gebe Dir      Tipps und Ratschläge.

Afterwards, you will receive the suggested exercise sequences with detailed descriptions as a PDF for follow-up practice.

Experience report on online lessons

Hello dear Marcella,

due to numerous herpes outbreaks and the Corona pandemic, we were in search of a riding instructor two years ago. We knew you from two live courses before Corona and were already very impressed with your teaching back then. So the idea of online training was born, as unfortunately, there are 500 km between us. Since you offer online lessons anyway, we have been having online training once a week since then. And if someone now thinks: Online training, that can't work, the instructor can't see anything. Well, Marcella can, and how! Whether it's a riding session, classical groundwork, lungeing lessons, or a combination of those, everything is possible online.

Over the past 2 years, under your patient and calm guidance, we have worked from difficulties with contact to the first half steps. You always approach each of our horses and their and our particularities very individually and sensitively. So, week by week, we all grow beyond ourselves
Dear Marcella, we are so grateful that you have embarked on the adventure of online training with us and always have an open ear for us, rejoicing in our progress or cheering us up when we weren't feeling well. We look forward to the next years.

Rieke, Fino, Ulrike und Anne