Riding Simulator Studio

Your seat: feel, understand, change 


Are you satisfied with your seat on the horse?

Can you smoothly follow the movements of the horse and adjust your aids to the situation effectively?

Is your horse symmetrically balanced on both reins?

In my riding simulator studio, I have the perfect combination of a mobility trainer and riding simulator to take your riding seat to the next level.

The rider's seat and subtle aids are simply central to horse-friendly riding.

Over the years, I have developed a very keen eye and many solutions for all seat-related issues.

I am constantly educating myself in the field of biomechanics.

Combining the Flexchair for assessment and improvement of mobility, the riding simulator Joker's Pluto, and exercises on the chair or mat, we find ways to recognize your movement patterns on the horse and optimize them, so that you can increasingly experience the feeling of a free connection in motion while riding

And don't forget: It's a lot of fun!

Experience reports for my riding simulator studio can be found here: 


Questions about the riding simulator

If you can't find a suitable answer to your question here, please feel free to contact me!

How does a session in the studio proceed?

At first, we explore your centering while sitting and your movement patterns with the mobility trainer (no human is completely symmetrical!)
Various exercises displayed on the monitor improve the control of pelvic mobility along with straightening the upper body
Through this playful approach, one can discover many things that can then be applied as new body awareness while riding

On the riding simulator, we specifically work on the subtleties of the rider's seat and identify existing difficulties to then eliminate them.

How does the riding simulator work?

The riding simulator works purely kinesthetically – offering the direct path to quickly and (almost!) effortlessly bring the rider's seat into the center.
By the way, it's the first of its kind in all of Germany!
The exciting part: you create the movement, and 'Pluto' provides you with direct feedback. If it's correct, it actually feels like being on a real horse.

Is it possible to learn riding on a horse simulator?

Of course, you can't really learn to ride on a riding simulator, but: you can make the work easier for the horse and also try things out without unnecessarily burdening or confusing the horse
The riding simulator makes possible:

  • You can concentrate completely on your own body feeling and your seat
  • You can experience, dissect and reassemble your own movement patterns
  • You can repeat things as many times as you want, without burden your horse

Who is the riding simulator suitable for?

beginners & returners

With a focus on yourself, you can work on your seat with the riding simulator and practice effective aids. This imparts calmness, routine, confidence in your own abilities, and safety, which you take with you to the next ride with your own horse

experienced riders

In collaboration with your own horse, certain seat patterns and mutual 'arrangements' often creep in that are not conducive to further development. Pluto kindly but firmly exposes these, clearing the way for the next level in your riding

nervous riders

Pluto is the ideal partner to quickly rebuild (or build) your confidence in your balance and abilities. In the studio, we have the necessary calmness and composure to enable new sensations in the saddle and reliably store them.

After an accident or injury

Once you have received medical clearance to ride again, you can use the simulator to re-experience holistic movement patterns and regain suppleness after a break from riding even before sitting on your own horse for the first time.