Training with me

How I can best support you and your horse

I mainly teach individual lessons. In riding lessons, a focus is on improving the seat and aids, as well as the gymnastics of the horse. In addition to riding, I also like to incorporate groundwork, lungeing/double lungeing, and long rein work - depending on what is needed and desired.

Online Coaching

There are various technical possibilities for how effective online lessons can be conducted:

  • Live online riding lessons (for this, I have a fact sheet outlining the necessary equipment)
  • Discussion of a pre-recorded video. You send me the videos (duration approx. 20 minutes) in advance, and we watch them together, discussing how you can proceed in your training. 

Classical Dressage Clinics

Duration 1 to several days - Practice and Theory: Theory topics are planned individually

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a classical dressage clinic at your facility, or to find out if a clinic is taking place in your area. 

Dressage Workshop

In the Dressage Workshop, we can address the various techniques of classical horse training separately:

  • lungeing
  • double lungeing
  • work on hand
  • work on long reins

The workshops can be held separately as day courses or integrated into a clinic. Topics are built upon each other - so lungeing workshop before double lungeing and work on hand before long rein work
First, the theory is taught, then we move on to practice.

mobile lessons

Starting from my location at 73669 Lichtenwald, within a radius of approximately 30 km - minimum of 4 participants.

Riding Simulator Studio

In meinem Reitsimulator-Studio bei mir vor Ort habe ich die ideale Kombination von Mobilitätstrainer und Reitsimulator, um deinen Reitersitz auf das nächste Level zu bringen.